Why do you need a company in Estonia?

Estonian companies corporate income tax — 0%!

Company incorporation with the notary, remote company incorporation, foundation, corporate bank accounts in the European Union, ready made company VAT number for international commerce, accounting, contact person-secretary, business address services, residence permit through entrepreneurship in the European Union.

Why do you need a company in Estonia? What are the advantages of establishing a firm such as a private limited company?

1. There is no corporate tax on undistributed profits.
2. There is no obligation to introduce a minimum authorized capital.
3. There is no requirement to register a real office.
4. There is no need to hire full-time employees.
5. There is no currency regulation.
6. You can work at home, running an online company.
7. You can manage Internet banking.
8. You can obtain the status of an Estonian E-citizen.
9. You can sell goods and services under the Estonian (EU) mark.

Private commercial association — private limited company — PLC in the sphere of small business with the number of shareholders from 1 to 10, with the number of members of the board from one to three. The company name is any with the use of the Latin alphabet, numbers, signs. Avoid geographical names, the repetition of already known brands in the Register of Estonian Enterprises. The founders / beneficiaries and members of the management board can be residents and non-residents, non-residents need to invite and register in the Charter a secretary contact person.

You have pay for notary service — 50 €, staytment fee — 150 €, legal business-address rent and contact person — secretary services — 300 € a year in advance. Accountant services — depending on the volume of workflow. Additionally as needed for an extract from the Register of Enterprises, certified translations, legislation, postal services. Sale of ready-made companies, including the VAT number, with history, with business licenses , personnel, machinery and equipment etc. — by appointment.

Remote incorporation

According to a notarized power of attorney for the right to establish or buy a company in the name of the beneficiary, issued by the trustee from any country. The power of attorney does not give the right to open a bank account of the company.

Estonian visa

Our potential customers will be sent an invitation to the visa to come to Tallinn for the purpose of registration new or purchase ready-made company and start a business in Estonia — European Union.

Company incorporation in Estonia

occurs at the notary where signed by the founding documents — application to the Register of Enterprises of Estonia, the decision of the shareholders on the establishment and distribution of shares, the appointment of board members, contact person, Secretary, approval of the charter, the legal address in Tallinn, communications and so on. In contrast to the purchase ready-made company, at the initial registration since notarized statement before the registration is up to 5 working days, which means that the new member of the board of the company would have to come to Tallinn for opening a bank account and register with the tax department one time more. Open a bank account can be immediately invested the minimum share capital € 2500 on a temporary registration account of the company (automatically becomes permanent).

Ready-made company in Estonia without VAT number

already has a name, registration number in the Register of Estonian enterprises, legal business address, the owner of a 100% share of the authorized capital, a board member with the right signature (check online) , age of ready-made company from one week (costs starting with the purchase price of 500 €) to several years (price negotiable). When buying a company in the office of the notary, all data, except for the registration number, vary according to the customer. The bank account will be opened ONLY BY THE MEMBER OF THE BOARD IN CHARGE after the Register of Enterprises of Estonia accept, in the Tax and Customs Department member of the board in charge sign a contract for control access online service.
You have pay for Yearly services- business address+secretary — 300 € in advance, accountant services — depending on the volume of workflow. No hidden fees!
Ready-made Estonian company with VAT number — by agreement.

Remote company incorporation or purchase

possible on the basis of a notarized at the place of residence of the beneficiary a power of attorney, approved by the Estonian notary power of attorney form, in which the Bureau will be buying/selling or filing of registration documents, will be sent to beneficiary. However, beneficiary have personally open bank accounts, order and receive gadgets access codes, bank debit and credit cards, to register with the Tax and Customs Board, sign a service contracts. Or assign to perform these procedures to a loal Estonian board member with the right to sign your proxy.

The agreement with the contact person and business address

is between individuals: a shareholder — owner of Estonian Company on the one hand and permanent residents of Estonia Estonian citizen who also provides legal business address, on the other hand. Contact person is not entitled to a signature, access the online bank, receives and forwards to the company management correspondence, e-mails, phone calls, executes orders of the board members on the notarized power of attorney with additional payment under the arrangement. Contact person is not liable for the company’s operations. Not a full-time employee of the company. The cost of basic services to the contact person, including legal address — € 300 per year in advance.

Contract of accounting services

is between a member of the board of the company on the one hand and an accountant — Estonian citizen — on the other. Accountant keeps records, sends monthly reports in electronic form on the sales tax, wages, other articles based on original documents and bank transactions, the annual balance sheet and so on. Bank account accountant does not have all the transaction produces only board member with the right to sign or designated staff member — Director. Signing of the contract for free, the cost of accounting services depends on the volume and nature of the document reporting the Tax and Customs Board. The accountant is not a full-time employee of the company.



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